It is our firm belief that so very many are settling for second best with their existing costs suppliers. You should demand:

  • Speedy turnaround.
  • Full costs management support and advice: drafting/challenging/negotiating budgets and attendance at costs management hearings.
  • In-house costing/budgeting and advice where necessary.
  • Attendance at detailed assessment hearings anywhere, even at short notice.
  • Schedules of costs for summary assessment by return.
  • Collection of large or numerous files at no extra cost to you.
  • Expertise in preparing points of dispute / replies.
  • A negotiation service in respect of between the parties costs, whereby issues are dealt with entirely by our costs lawyers leaving you to earn fees.
  • Unlimited telephone support on all aspects of costs law – from funding arrangements to appeals against detailed assessments.
  • No inexplicable ‘handling’ or minimum charges.
  • Direct email contact to the author of your bill of costs / points of dispute etc.

Williams Associates provide the above services as standard and aim to adapt their skills to give each of their clients a tailor made package that is unrivalled. The quality of services is the key to a successful professional relationship and is what sets Williams Associates apart from their rivals.We are confident that your current legal costs supplier is unable to match Williams Associates’ service or charges and that we will prove to be an invaluable ally in the contentious world of costs.Contact us today and put us to the test.
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